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Eco Balloon system

Eco Balloon system:
The combined disposable and reusable system

Against the background of the growing pressure of costs in the health system, the PAJUNK® Eco balloon system offers an economical solution in every respect, as they combine high-quality reusable components with inexpensive disposable components.

You invest once in the high-quality components – the high-precision reusable valve fitting and the corresponding obturators, as they can be reused. They have the great advantage of being able to be combined with all types and forms of balloon, and can therefore be used for a very wide range of applications.

The disposable components – in particular the balloons – are sterile packed and hence immediately ready for use. All wear parts, such as silicone valves, can be easily replaced.

This means that the PAJUNK® balloon systems meet both high medical standards and financial requirements.

Balloon valves

TrocaTec MAN with manually and automatically actuated trap-door valve

5.8 mm valves with or without a maintenance-free stop cock for gas inflation
TrocaTec AUTO with automatic trap-door valve TrocaPort with interchangeable silicone valve

5.8 mm valves with or without a maintenance-free stop cock for gas inflation

Space-creating balloons

Bilateral dilation balloon Unilateral dilation balloon extra large

Balloons to secure working access

Ring-anchor balloon system URO ring-anchor balloon system Structural balloon system
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