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Research and Development

Approximately 10% of the turn-over are invested annually in research and development to maintain the innovation advance and to be internationally capable of competing. 15 employes are working in this department; furthermore, the company works in close collaboration with the University Furtwangen and Schwenningen.


The development of PAJUNK« is totally adjusted to the reqirements of their target group - the physicians. Besids of the development and manufacturing of own products, PAJUNK« also takes over order histories for outside companies, and develops OEM-products. PAJUNK« constructs and produces PAJUNK« special machines and apparatus, too.

Collaboration with Prof. Sprotte

The cooperation with the innovator of the patented SPROTTE« cannula began in the year 1979. To this date, several ideas emerged and are implemented out of this collaboration. The entire device-group for the anaesthesia and pain- therapy are developed with Prof. Sprotte and the company PAJUNK«. The are used in different applications in the clinical everyday life.

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