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Thermolesion Method

The thermolesion method and pulsed radio frequency therapy of PAJUNK« can be used for the conventional RF- methods as well as the pulsed radio frequency therapy.

Both techniques achieve a longer lasting pain inhibition, particularly in the lower region of the spinal column. Sensitives branches of sensorial nerves are identified using X-ray contrast media and visual control. The real localisation is carried out via the thermolesion cannula. They emanate a current- field which affects these nerve branches, so that the pain can be eliminated or reduced considerably for 6 to 18 months. The lenght of the cannula can be adapted to match the electrode and the nerve, to render therefore a stimulation with utmost precision.

RF- thermolesion cannulas with bared tip are available in three lenghts. The thermolesion cannulas with alligator clip and injecting tube are available in three different lenghts.

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