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Leading producer of medical systems

PAJUNK« Medical technology is one of the leading producers of complete medical systems for the different application-methods in the areas: Regional Anaesthesia, Neurology, Laparoscopy, Biopsy, and Dental Medicine.


The PAJUNK« Holding GmbH consists of a parent company and of three subsidiary companies.

PAJUNK« GmbH Medizintechnologie: Concentrating on the marketing of several products over exclusiv dealers in the areas regional anaesthesia, neurology, laparoscopy and biopsy in Europe, Australia, Asia and USA.

PAJUNK« Medical Produkte GmbH: 24 field service employees ensure an area wide Representation in Germany, Austria, Swiss and Benelux.

PAJUNK« USA Medical Systems: Nationwide network of 18 Pajunk Representatives for the areas of regional anesthesia, neurology, laparoscopy and biopsy. Local Marketing, Sales and Warehousing operations.

PAJUNK« UK Medical Products Ltd.: Area wide marketing with seven field service employees in Great Britain for the area of regional anaesthesia, neurology, laparoscopy and biopsy.

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