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Diagnostic lumbar puncture with SPROTTE® cannulas

The Lumbar puncture is an indispensable instrument for diagnostics and therapy control of inflammatory and oncological diseases of the central nervous system. The PAJUNK® atraumatic SPROTTE® cannula sets standards for the security of the invasive intervention.

Characteristics of the SPROTTE® cannula

Ogive-shaped tip geometry displaces tissue during puncture, causing minimal injury.2
When the cannula has been withdrawn, the multi-layered dura, consisting of collagens and elastic fibres, closes again.

1) Jäger H., Schimrigk K., Haas A. Das postpunktionelle Syndrom – selten bei der Verwendung der Punktionsnadel nach Sprotte, Akt Neurol.1991 April; 18: 61-64

2) Strupp M., Schueler O., Straube A., Von Stuekrad-Barre S., Brandt T. Atraumatic Sprotte needle reduces the incidence of post-lumbar puncture headaches, Neurol. 2001; 57: 2310-2312

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