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Therapeutic injection of botulinum toxin


When injecting botulinum toxin (BoNT), the exact placement of the cannula is extremely important:

In order to achieve optimum efficacy, the “botulinum toxin” working party strongly recommends the administration of BoNT in the immediate vicinity of neuromuscular synapses, because at a distance of only 0.5 cm the effect is reduced by 50 %.

However, pinpoint administration requires knowledge of the distribution of the neuromuscular synapses of the target muscle.The working party therefore recommends the use of electro stimulation and ultrasound as the most appropriate localisation technique.2)

With its NanoLine and Cornerstone Technology, PAJUNK® offers a totally convincing range of cannulas where precision and visibility are concerned during stimulation and under ultrasound. With these monopolar, echogenic cannulas, PAJUNK® has assumed a pioneering role in regional anaesthesia.

The product variants

The two cannula variants BO-NanoInject and Bo-SonoInject are available in two versions:

  • With EMG cable for combined use of electromyography and muscle stimulation
  • With stimulation cable for nerve stimulation (in combination with MultiStim Switch)

1) Walter, Dressler, Ultrasound-guided botulinum toxin … , 2014; 14(8): 923
2) Wissel et al., Botulinum-Neurotoxin in der Behandlung … , 2011; 82: 492

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