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EpiSpin Lock/EpiSpin Lock Soft

Combined spinal-epidural anaesthesia

The combination of spinal and epidural anaesthesia (CSE) makes a paraspinal anaesthesia possible, without changing the instruments. With EpiSpin Lock, PAJUNK« provides a puncture kit for this purpose that combines two techniques and cannula systems in a single product.

SPROTTE« cannula for single shot, atraumatic spinal anaesthesia

Tuohy cannula for the placement of an epidural catheter

The benefits of EpiSpin Lock at a glance:

Rapid action with spinal anaesthesia
Epidural catheters can also be used for analgesia
Minimising post-spinal headache with the original SPROTTE« puncture cannula

Two kits are available:

EpiSpin Lock Soft

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