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NRFit - the new standard in neuraxial applications

In order to avoid the risk of incorrect connections and injections in the future, the DIN ISO 80369 series of standards was issued in 2016. It replaces the overarching Luer standard and defines a separate, incompatible connection for each of the six application areas within the standard series. As a leading manufacturer in regional anaesthesia, PAJUNK® is gradually converting its entire product portfolio for neuraxial applications, in accordance with ISO 80369-6, and offers its customers a comprehensive allround service during the changeover phase.

YouTube: Remarks on NRFit® conversion with PAJUNK®

New connector with new name

Products that meet this standard (ISO 80369-6) are given the additional name NRFit. All connectors of the cannulas and components are affected by the changes.

Neuer NRFit Konnektor

Limited compatibility

The compatibility of the NRFit connectors is limited to the neuraxial applications defined under ISO 80369-6.

NRFit Eingeschränkte Kompatibilität

Avoidance of misconnections

The probability of misconnection or misinjection is minimised by the new series of standards.

NRFit Vermeidung von Fehlkonnektionen

Clear, yellow marking on products or packaging additionally protects against confusion.

NRFit klare Kennzeichnung

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