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Spinal anaesthesia

In the 1970s PAJUNK« revolutionised spiral anaesthesia with the SPROTTE« cannula, a joint development with Prof. Sprotte. Due to the atraumatic tip geometry it was the first puncture cannula that reduced all side effects of spinal anaesthesia to a minimum, making it an alternative for general anaesthetic.

These atraumatic quality features lead to outstanding gliding properties, minimise injuries during puncture and prevent the introduction of foreign objects and tissue particles into the spinal space. The time required between puncture and injection of the anaesthetic is markedly reduced, because the geometry of the lateral eye encourages the free flow of cerebrospinal fluid, which is also immediately recognised by the user thanks to the special cannula hub.

Atraumatic puncture

The stylet accurately closes the lateral eye of the cannula.
Stylet stabilises cannula guidance4)

Ogive-shaped tip geometry
leads to atraumatic property
tactile perception, when penetrating tissues of varying density

Free flow of cerebrospinal fluid enables accurate placement

The plastic hub is filled with cerebrospinal fluid more quickly.
Time saved: CSF is recognised as soon as it enters.5)

Location and size of the lateral eye in the cannula tip ensures free fluid flow, even if the opening is partly blocked by arachnoidea.
Correct placement of the cannula tip is immediately ascertained.

Better CSF visibility (magnifier) + Rapid, unhindered CSF backflow.
The interval between puncture and injection of the anaesthetic is markedly reduced.

Alternative design with built-in magnifier

Even small amounts of CSF are clearly recognised.

Gentle injection of the anaesthetic

The ogive shape of the lateral eye causes that the anaesthetic is administered through the cannula tip in a very gentle, soft stream.

4) Kopacz, Allen, Comparison of needle deviation ..., 1995; 81(3): 630

5) Saenghirunvattana et al., A Comparison study between newly-designed pencil-point and cutting needles ..., 2008; 91 (Suppl 1): S159

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