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EpiLong VPC (Visual Pressure Control)

For visual pressure control to identify the epidural space

As an alternative to tactile pressure control using a LOR syringe, PAJUNK® has developed the VPC (Visual Pressure Control), a visual solution for identifying the epidural space. When the epidural space is reached, this shows the loss of resistance even at low pressure drop. This enables an objective position control of the tip of the cannula - in the interest of patient safety.

The VPC is a joint development of PAJUNK® with Prof. Dr. med. Dietmar Enk and Dr. med. Günter Michaelis.

The operating principle

The VPC uses the Boyle-Mariotte law, according to which the product of gas volume and pressure is constant. Therefore, a capillary with magnifying glass is integrated in the piston of the VPC. A pressure column, visible in the magnifying glass, is built up under pressure.

Visible pressure drop

The characteristic loss of resistance when reaching the epidural space is made visible by a clearly visual fall of the pressure column through the magnifying glass. This is easily reproducible and confirms the correct position of the cannula tip. Compared to the classic LOR technique, the VPC injects only a small amount of saline solution into the tissue.

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