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Multifunctional access system – MultiPort

MultiPort is the first port system, which is so flexible that not only it serves as access for all laparoscopic work steps, but also for the subsequent wound drainage. Furthermore it can be used as access system for preoperative diagnosis, and postoperative for the second look as well as for withdrawing biopsy material.

The core system is based on an universal port with a diameter of 10 mm.

Application fields for the MultiPort Ø 10 mm

As a gas-tight instrument port for laparoscopy
The MultiPort Ø 10 mm can be used gas-tight for all laparoscopic instruments with a diameter of 5 to 10 mm.

As a connection for post-operative drainage
A drainage system can be connected to the MultiPort. This prevents air and bacteria penetrating and simultaneously allows secretions to drain off without hindrance.

More information

Application fields for the MultiPort Ø 5.5 mm

Available for minimal invasive surgery with subsequent wound drainage.

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